Algoa Organics

The ALGOA project was first initiated by IFOAM Asia in 2013 under the concept of linking bio-villages / eco-villages in India, Korea and the Philippines Goesan County became interested in the project and signed MoUs with Dumingag, Philippines in September 2014 and two bio-villages in Kerala and Nagaland in India in November 2014.

Activities of ALGOA
a. The purpose for the establishment of ALGOA is to facilitate the 100% adoption of organic agriculture in Asia.
b. ALGOA pursues activities with IFOAM Organics Asia to achieve the adoption of organic agriculture in Asian countries.

The following activities of ALGOA are based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that have been signed among the founding local governments and IFOAM Asia.
a. Policy Support for countries developing Organic Agriculture
b. Information Exchanges on the best practices and innovations on Organic Agriculture
c. Mutual exchanges of local government personnel / experts & organic stakeholders
d. Education for local government officials on organic agriculture
e. Hosting of the Annual ALGOA Summit
f. Others
Membership in ALGOA
Membership is open to all local governments in Asia and the affiliates of IFOAM Organics Asia. Membership is finalized with the signing of the Membership Memorandum of Commitment (MoC).
Membership Criteria
Membership in ALGOA involves two parties, that is, a local government and an IFOAM Organics Asia affiliate in each country and shall be classified as “full members”. The “Membership MoC” shall be signed both by the local government and IFOAM Organics Asia affiliates.
Any membership application which involves only one party, that is, one local government only or an IFOAM Organics Asia affiliate only, shall be classified as “associate members”.
Any central governments in Asia or IFOAM affiliates outside Asia applying for ALGOA membership shall be known as “honorary members”.