Algoa Organics


The ALGOA Summit

The annual ALGOA Summit is a gathering of local governments, IFOAM members and other stakeholders in the region to exchange best practice and to discuss ways to enhance government action, support and policy to foster growth in the organic sector.

Since 2015, there have been 6 ALGOA Summits with more than 1000 attendees from around the world. 

1st ALGOA Summit (Sept 19th~20th, 2015): “Inauguration of ALGOA”

2nd ALGOA Summit (Sept 26th~30th, 2016): “Best Cases of Organic Practices in Asia”

3rd ALGOA Summit (Aug31st~Sept2nd, 2017): “Manifesting Organic Food Systems in Asia in the Era of Organic 3.0”

4th ALGOA Summit (Apr25th~27th, 2018): “Family Farming and the Role of Local Governments in Organic Agriculture”

5th ALGOA Summit (Sept 18th~20th, 2019): “ALGOA+4 International Conference on Organic Agriculture Policy”

6th ALGOA Summit (Sept 18th~20th, 2020): “Building Alliances Beyond Asia”