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ALGOA Membership

ALGOA Membership is open to all local governments in Asia and the affiliates of IFOAM Asia. Membership is finalized with the signing of the Membership Memorandum of Commitment (MoC)

Membership Criteria

Membership in ALGOA involves two parties, that is, a local government and an IFOAM Asia affiliate in each country and shall be classified as “full members”. The “Membership MoC” shall be signed both by the local government and IFOAM Asia affiliates.

Any membership application which involves only one party, that is, one local government only or an IFOAM Asia affiliate only, shall be classified as “associate members”.

Any central governments in Asia or IFOAM affiliates outside Asia applying for ALGOA membership shall be known as “honorary members”.

Annual Membership Fees

All members have the obligation to pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee will be determined by the Executive Council.

Special Membership Fees

The hosting local government (the “Presidency of ALGOA”) may pay a special membership fee annually for the duration of the Presidency. The special membership fee will be determined by the Executive Council.

Membership Form

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ALGOA Membership Form