Algoa Organics

Message from the President of ALGOA

September 19th, 2015, was a historic day in the organic movements in Asia as it was the day that the Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA) was born under the initiative of IFOAM-Organics Asia.

Since then, ALGOA has grown by leaps and bounds showing proof that good initiatives with the right purposes and objectives achieve good outcomes – growing from ten members to over 250 members in eighteen countries in Asia (including Central Asia) over the space of six years. It has become the foremost organization promoting organic agriculture in Asia which works with both farmers and consumers in close partnership with local and central governments.

The annual ALGOA Summits have been successful in linking up local governments who share and benefit from their mutual successes and experiences. To this annual summit, the Summit of the members of the Global Alliance of Organic Districts have become an important added feature and from 2020, organic leaders and local governments representatives from Asia and Europe come together to discuss common issues and action plans to further our goals in attaining more growth and sustainability in organic agriculture.

The highly successful annual ALGOA Organic Foundation Course (OFC) has trained more than two hundred local government officials and members of IFOAM and other likeminded organizations in Asia. Young graduates of the OFC have grouped themselves into the Organic Youth Forum and the ALGOA Organic Foundation Course Alumni Association (AOAA), leading to the further consolidation and governance of the organic movements in Asia.

I have known no greater pleasure than being part of the development of ALGOA and as its President, I promise all support to the activities of ALGOA and to the other ALGOA Centers that are being created all over Asia.

I invite you all to join us in this wonderful endeavor to achieve sustainability in Asia!

Lee Cha Young
Mayor of Goesan County