Algoa Organics


The ALGOA Organic Foundation Course

The ALGOA Organic Foundation Course is a training program on organic agriculture offered to local government officials and IFOAM Asia affiliates as part of the ALGOA project. More than a hundred people from local governments, IFOAM Asia members, partners, farmers and other like-minded organizations have received training under the ALGOA project in Korea, Japan and Kyrgyzstan.

All participants will receive a “Certificate of Completion” on the successful completion of the course and will be eligible for future in-depth training offered by ALGOA.

What are the Benefits for Participants?
• The full picture of Organic Agriculture: from field to plate;
• Effective, sustainable strategies tailored to individual needs;
• Deepened understanding of the organic principles;
• Inspiration for organic development;
• An action network of likeminded peers.

What are the Learning Objectives?
The training will broaden the knowledge of the participants and develop their skills. After the course, participants
will be able to:
• Analyze situations holistically and draw conclusions in line with the principles of Organic Agriculture;
• Design strategies in an effective and ethical way;
• Apply productivity increase strategies and find appropriate information for technology innovations;
• Develop projects – includes planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation;
• Build relationships, networks and cross-sector alliances;
• Make their value chains more sustainable and competitive;
• Use services from the organic sector to develop operations;
• Access research, advice and training.

The ALGOA Organic Foundation Course eventually gave birth to the Organic Youth Forum. 

Since 2016, there has been an ALGOA Organic Foundation Course run every year!